Erzsebet Bathory (v_e) wrote in se_bellydance,
Erzsebet Bathory

I don't know if anyone still reads this community

I was hoping for a little advice from those with more experience in the field then myself. I'm probably at an intermediate level as far as dancing skill goes and I have been contemplating taking my dance to the next step: from serious hobby to potential career.

I understand the "work hard" and "practice every day" aspect of this change, but I more have an issue with networking. I'll probably have to move to a larger city where there are more dancers and I can get better instruction (I've been stuck at intermediate because there are no "experts" where I live. As it is I drive an hour just to get to a beginners veil-work class). However, once my skill is at the right level I'd like to know who to talk to/what to do to get a bellydance career off the ground. Any suggestions?
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