Just another Rachel to You (rachelute) wrote in se_bellydance,
Just another Rachel to You

Restaurant Dancing & Body Tipping?

Ladies - I wanted to pop in here and ask a question - what do you all think of body-tipping?

Although I've done plenty of shows in restaurants, I'm going to be doing my first REAL restaurant performance this weekend, and I didn't think I had a problem with it until just recently...I got to thinking, what other dancer takes tips in their belts?  None, that I can think of  - other than a stripper...  not to mention that I'm going to be wearing a rather tighter costume - I'm a secondary dancer, so I'm wearing a skirt with a hipscarf...

Any thoughts/feelings?

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We made up postcards and put on all the tables with info on "how to tip" as well as "how to watch a Bder".

On the how to tip we suggested showering us with your tip (no coins please) but if they had a twenty or larger bill we would consider letting them put it in our belt. (MissiHIPPY is known for our humor btw) We also keep a tip basket in plain site and say if they are uncomfortable with either, to place it in the tip basket.
Thanks - you wouldn't happen to have a copy of the text you used for the postcards? I've found a few, but it would be helpful for future reference, if you've got it handy. If not, no biggie. Thanks for the info. :-)
In my experience, audiences tend to be very courteous even with this sort of tipping. Very rarely has anyone gotten risque with it, and even then a coy no-no look is enough to get them to become embarrassed and back down.

Most of my tipping audiences are downright sheepish--they often have a girlfriend or wife prodding her date to tip ("Give it to her! No, you do it!") and giggling at his embarrassment, meanwhile he's giving this look like, "You want me to put it in your costume?? Are you SURE??"--They are so afraid of offending, it's very endearing.

Once you experience it and realize that people are not out to grope you and make fools of themselves, I think you won't mind it at all. Its a great way to interact with the audience.

That said, only do what you are comfortable with! If you feel like someone is going to be unruly or they are drunk, stay away from them. Spin if they get too close. If someone offers a tip, jut your hip out for them and they'll understand there are limitations to where that thing is supposed to go. I often got people who insisted on just handing me the dollars--which looks very silly--and I'd insist that I couldn't take it since I had zills in my hands.

If a tip drops on the floor, ignore it. Your tipper will probably grab it and retip it or a waiter will get it for you. Don't fetch it off the floor.

If you want to help guide your tippers a bit more, you can come out with a dollar tucked in the safezone on the side of your hip. That shows them that you welcome tips and it tells them where to put it.
I don't have much experience, but I've seeded my belt in a safe location.

I think the post cards are a great idea, too!
Yeah, I wish I had a belt - I'm wearing a hip scarf [secondary dancer for the director - she chose our outfits...which look nice, but there's really no where to put $$ that wouldn't take a lot of effort to get it in there].
Oh, I've seen it enough to realize that most people aren't out to feel me up or anything, but I think for my first restaurant experience, I want to be comfortable...AND the costume is tighter, so it'd take a bit of effort for a bill to get in there...that's feeling like an issue. :-) Thanks.
On the positive though, the bill will also be less likely to fall out! :)