smonsterbite (smonsterbite) wrote in se_bellydance,

Doomsday Cabaret: Carrboro, NC, US

This Sunday, August 10th, The Devoted Bellydance Collective will be presenting "Doomsday Cabaret" at The Station in downtown Carrboro for your enjoyment. The Station is located at 201-C East Main Street next to Southern Rail.

This will be an evening of mysterious bellydance. You may get to see a little bit of gypsy, tribal, cabaret, experimental, romantic, gothic. We will be bringing the joy, the pain, the light & the dark.

We don't know what the future holds. There may be no future.

So, let's dance!

1st set at 7:30 pm. The 2nd set will follow a brief intermission. THEN, please join us in dance revelry!

This is an experiment & if the people want it, we will keep on bringing it. In September we will return to the 3rd Sunday of the month. Set times stay the same.

One other thing that stays the same....on Doomsday at the Cabaret, we WILL be dancing. We hope you join us.

The Devoted: a bellydance collective

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