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Lisa Zahiya and SamiTe in Durham, NC, USA

December 13th at 7pm at Triangle Dance studio in Durham will be the pinnacle of a weekend of fabulous workshops by none other than the 1st & 2nd place winners in the Tribal category of the Bellydancer of the Universe Competiton, Lisa Zahiya & SamiTe'!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic, local, RDU- Chapel Hill dancers will also be showcased with these stars of the Appalachian Mountains.
NC Pride, ya'll! We Raq so hard, let's celebrate together!

Come for the workshops on Saturday (Sunday's master class is full) & definately check out the show on Saturday night.
This is a family -friendly event NOT to be missed! has ALL the info.

The show is at Triangle Dance Studio & here are the directions:

There will be snacks & refreshments to enjoy.
email with questions.
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I hope she does another workshop weekend at some point because my troupe's big show is that weekend....Lisa is awesome!