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Athens, GA

Anyone know of good belly dancing classes in Athens, Georgia? Or workshops in Atlanta? Atlanta is too far for me to drive on a regular basis for classes, but if there was some kind of festival I would love to be there..
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It's Feb 19-22. I won't be able to go...but it's awesome.
Second that, along with the not being able to go. =p
That looks AWESOME! Thanks for the heads up.
You didn't mention what style, but the last weekend in January Sha'ni is sposoring Tarik Sultan in Atlanta. It should be a lot of fun.
I don't know about Athens, but there are tons of workshops in the Atlanta area. I second the Sha'ni workshop - she's a great woman...

The studio I dance with will be sponsoring a huge workshop later in the year - I'll keep you posted. [ - Jendayi Atlanta Bellydancing Studio - I'm Moriah].
Fatina teaches Tribal style in Athens I believe. I don't know if she has a website but she has facebook if you want to check with her. If she doesn't offer classes I'm sure she could point you in the right direction.