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caught between darkness and light.

April 11, Washington DC - 2 Workshops with Tempest

MeaHuna Productions is bringing Tempest, the “Gothmutha”, to Washington, DC, on April 11th!
She’ll be teaching two workshops on finding your inner voice and developing a strong stage presence.

Workshops will be followed by a ritual dance dedication by Tempest celebrating friend, dancer, and artist Kaihea at the Palace of Wonders. Reserve your workshop space now.

Journey to the Underworld – When’s the last time you broke down your own facades and explored the truth of what lays bare underneath? Are you brave enough to look and become stronger as a dancer for it? Being a part of the bellydance community for any length of time affects us in so many ways, many below the surface that can influence how we look and feel about ourselves and others. In this dynamic and unusual workshop, we will explore through exercises and movement combinations the mythic concept of the Descent and Encounter in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures. This is a safe and supportive opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and physically, while discovering who you are or wish to be as a dancer. Warning: This is not a “woo-woo” or “new-agey” class, but it will ask you to push your boundaries.

Strange Presence – It’s all about bleeding your soul out to audience, serving it to them on a platter, and then eating THEM for lunch instead. A truly successful performance does more than show how well you can do the moves—it should really speak to your audience and exude expression. You CAN learn how to have a stronger personality on stage and channel that energy for a more dynamic performance. Discover the key aspects of capturing your audience with your stage presence and develop your own onstage drama! We’ll particularly focus on improvisational technique, character development, and learning to be more “in the moment.” This class is especially for any dancer who is ready to perform or is considering it.

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