Princess of All Things Dainty and Flowery (rivierajenn) wrote in se_bellydance,
Princess of All Things Dainty and Flowery

News for Atlanta Area/Georgia Dancers!

I've always been frustrated with the fact that there's no real central location for the Atlanta/Georgia belly dance community to find out about events, classes, shows, etc. So, I decided to create one!

Please check out the Atlanta Belly Blog. It's a work in progress, but I'm hoping this will serve a real need in our community. I'll be featuring previews, reviews and interviews with dancers, event sponsors, restaurant owners, musicians and more. To make it happen, I need your help. Send me info about your events! Do you have an upcoming show, hafla, workshop, DVD release or anything else that would be of interest to the community? I'd love to hear from you! Drop me an e-mail at genevieveraqs at comcast dot net. Feedback is also welcome.

Thanks, everyone!

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